We will be reviewing a ton of different awesome and not so awesome shows we have seen over the years and in the future.  There will be everything from punk to pop to country to  house to whatever out there. 

We will also be posting interesting articles and insight to celebrities and there love for music.  Our Staff is quiet eclectic so what and who they like is so totally different that their will be a ton of different and wonderful points of view here. 

Hopefully a little something for everyone. 

Poke around the site for the reviews, a few pics of the show, so life advice and stupid stories of our everyday happenings. There will be random rants- some to do with music- probably lots that have nothing to do with music but whatever it will all flow together in the end-- or not. 

Now we are not 'web guys' so our site will be basic but it will work and be easy to find my stuff. I promise