We would love to hear from you! but we will not be putting our physical address on this page because we are afraid you may be a stalker. We are definitely terrified of stalkers.


Ok may be the real reason is that we are completely on line and work from our mothers basements…ah hem Derrick i am looking in your direction!!! I personally don’t live in my mothers comfortable, warm, pleasant smelling basement like some kind of loser, my girlfriend and I live in a shitty old apartment that we pay way to much rent at and are in danger of someone either shooting us every night or barfing on our shoes as we walk by.


Ok the shooting thing may be a bit dramatic but it also may not be a bit dramatic.


anyway we will give you our email address ; admin@sicmuse.com  . Use it! And use it often. But not too often you freaking stalker!


Thanks to everyone that actually takes the time to give us feedback.