No not really, it's all about the music man. It truly is.  I guess we should said a little about us though shouldn't we? My therapist says i need to start making more personal connections in my life. I think she is full of shit but I do pay her ridiculous amounts of money so I guess i should listen every now and then. 


Mr Muse: Chief Editor

Yeah that's me. I am a 40 something kinda hippy, full bearded kinda guy. I have a girlfriend and a fear of commitment according to her. We (she) also has two cats. shocking i know.  

My tastes of music are far and wide. I used to be such a music snob that I won't listen to anything grunge or old school rock, then as I matured I really started to appreciate all forms of sound from contemporary to jazz to country and yes even the Beibs. There, I said it. It's on the internet and I can't take that shit back. 

Mrs Muse: Core Correspondent and Life partner

Well he did just say he has a fear of commitment so I am not technically Mrs Muse but I know he wishes it for someday. 

You can find me at the small clubs or late night raves smashing to anything that gets my feet moving and my pulse racing. 


Just Derrick

As the Mr said. I live at home with my mom in a comfortable basement. Shoot me. or Them when they try to go home....