Carrie Underwood!

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So we go to the Carrie Underwood concert a few weeks back. i didn’t think it would be my cup of tea but I feel compelled to admit that wholly shit she put on a great show!


I have heard that she has a better voice in person that even on her albums and I now know where people are coming from when they say that. She has an incredible voice live. Sure some of that has to do with the audio set up and mixers and everything else but you know a great voice when you hear it, and she has it.


the stage setup I thought was also very cool, it was hug and took up most of the arena floor. Luckily we were at the end where she faced most of the time. The center part of the stage turned a full 360 degrees and went up into the air and even recessed into the ground– very cool effects in my opinion.

She rocked it for a solid hour and a half and like i said before i was not disapointed in the least with this show. To get the whole feel of a country weekend we even rented a travel trailer from huron rv and camped it up with a bunch of other country red necks. Man i have to do that more often, those guys and gals really know how to party! Seriously if you want to push your alcohol limits i strongly suggest camping with a bunch of rednecks!

I am not so sure how many more country acts i will go see in my lifetime but I am definitely more open to trying it again now after this show.


stay cool

Mr muse