National Golf Day

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So it’s national golf day here so no actual Music Review instead here is a Golf Blog review.

Pretty solid site actually! Tons of good reviews on clubs, especially wedges. My golf game absolutely sucks so every little bit of information I can gather to make it a bit better well then I am in. The author has a lot of in depth articles on whats happening today in the golf world also.


If you read one article on the site read this one! Its all about how a machine can sort your swing out and then just give you the confidence to just swing the club and not think about the tiny little details of the swing. Ever try to pull the club back and then your mind starts racing like crazy and you barely hit that stupid little white ball at all, let a lone straight down the fairway? Man I have. But also have you had a couple drinks and said screw it I am just playing without thinking and you then play the game of your life!?

Take Your Mind out of it.

One thing I always read and hear from the pros is take your mind out of it and just free wheel it. That’s when you play your best.

And that’s what i strive to do. In everything my life.


till next time.

Mr Muse.

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