Japanese Music.

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Traditional and folk music

So this may be a bit off topic for what we will we be normally posting here but i was at kids Karate lessons the other day, and was admiring the artwork on the walls while my boy was kicking ass on the mats. Well I assume he was, like i said I was staring at the walls .

Anywho, amongst the very cool artwork from Japan there were also some awesome old musical instruments on hanging around on the walls. This dojo is apparently just as into authentic Japanese music as they are into the martial arts, which is saying a lot because Simon is pretty kick ass intensive in the martial Arts.

Thinking…..Sometimes that’s a good thing….

So it got me to thinking about these instruments and what their names are and how they sound. Now i have heard plenty or Oriental music before, usually around some ‘relaxation’ time but new learnt the proper names of the instruments.


Luckily they were labelled and had a small description, so i took a quick pic and came home to do some research and some easy listening…..after my nap here is what I found….


The first instrument I looked at was a Biwa hōshi



I thought this one was the coolest. The biwa is a form of a form of short-necked lute, was played by a group of itinerant performers (biwa hōshi) who used it to accompany stories.The most famous of these stories is The Tale of the Heike, a 12th-century history of the triumph of the Minamoto clan over the Taira Biwa hōshi began organizing themselves into a guild-like association for visually impaired men as early as the thirteenth century. This guild eventually controlled a large portion of the musical culture of Japan. biwa is Japan’s traditional instrument .  Likely some of the first visually impaired bands ever! Very cool!


There were a few more but i dont have time to write about it now.  But here is a you tube video to help you relax the rest of the day! Stay cool everyone!