Road Tripin on a White Buffalo

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White Buffalo

London, Ontario

So we jumped in the van and took a trip to a little city called London.  No not that London, the London in Ontario. Canada. Yes Canada they have an awesome music scene man.

Anyway on our way to this little down town club called the London Music we stop in a park that was having a local arts festival. We thought we could check out some local artists and local at all the vendors crap. Mrs Muse likes all that stuff.


Were we ever surprised at the vibe from this place. Not only did we see a ton of great local musicians but Mrs Muse found lots of crafts and even had a lengthy conversation with Chris from Creative Trends Painting on bedroom paint color ideas for our apartment of all things. Chris was a solid dude who loves music also so it was a natural fit.  We told him we would give him a shout out on this site for being so friendly to us.  An also he looks a lot like the White Buffalo. Oh right this is about the White Buffalo concert isn’t it!

Here he is!

buff 2 buff

any way it was amazing.  He rocked it out for over an hour and a half.  His energy is incredible. The night started off with slower subtle tunes and ended just ripping it up. He is a seasoned entertainer for sure


check out his official you tube video right here for ‘Wish it Was True’


He is a definite must see if he comes around your sleepy little town.


Will write more  later, Mrs Muse need me to help her paint!