Website Blues

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No that’s not the title of a new song…


We had to move our site to a new provider because our last one was causing us to much grief.

Freaking techy nerds….Kidding…..sorta…

Anyway I brought in the experts at Rainmaker Leads & Digital Marketing and they fixed us right up, so i am giving them a shout out here.

So we are back and will be posting about a few shows we have seen lately, stay tuned.


Mr Muse

Carrie Underwood!

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So we go to the Carrie Underwood concert a few weeks back. i didn’t think it would be my cup of tea but I feel compelled to admit that wholly shit she put on a great show!


I have heard that she has a better voice in person that even on her albums and I now know where people are coming from when they say that. She has an incredible voice live. Sure some of that has to do with the audio set up and mixers and everything else but you know a great voice when you hear it, and she has it.


the stage setup I thought was also very cool, it was hug and took up most of the arena floor. Luckily we were at the end where she faced most of the time. The center part of the stage turned a full 360 degrees and went up into the air and even recessed into the ground– very cool effects in my opinion.

She rocked it for a solid hour and a half and like i said before i was not disapointed in the least with this show. To get the whole feel of a country weekend we even rented a travel trailer from huron rv and camped it up with a bunch of other country red necks. Man i have to do that more often, those guys and gals really know how to party! Seriously if you want to push your alcohol limits i strongly suggest camping with a bunch of rednecks!

I am not so sure how many more country acts i will go see in my lifetime but I am definitely more open to trying it again now after this show.


stay cool

Mr muse

Freaking Vehicles…..

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Man i hate vehicles. seriously every car i have ever owned ends up being a piece of shit.

So we were road triping to see Selena Gomez in London Ontario when my care breaks down. F me. seriously not again!!!!

Luckily we called a pretty decent place called Charterhouse towing. They helped us out real quick and we even hung out with the owner Franco a bit. what a character that guy is! But completely genuine. Anyway they were able to fix me up and got us back on the road. So anyway we are visiting family in London Ontario and hitting the Selena concert on Monday night. Stayed tuned for the review i should have it up with some pictures on tuesday. But may be not, don’t be so dam inpatient people….

National Golf Day

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So it’s national golf day here so no actual Music Review instead here is a Golf Blog review.

Pretty solid site actually! Tons of good reviews on clubs, especially wedges. My golf game absolutely sucks so every little bit of information I can gather to make it a bit better well then I am in. The author has a lot of in depth articles on whats happening today in the golf world also.


If you read one article on the site read this one! Its all about how a machine can sort your swing out and then just give you the confidence to just swing the club and not think about the tiny little details of the swing. Ever try to pull the club back and then your mind starts racing like crazy and you barely hit that stupid little white ball at all, let a lone straight down the fairway? Man I have. But also have you had a couple drinks and said screw it I am just playing without thinking and you then play the game of your life!?

Take Your Mind out of it.

One thing I always read and hear from the pros is take your mind out of it and just free wheel it. That’s when you play your best.

And that’s what i strive to do. In everything my life.


till next time.

Mr Muse.

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Japanese Music.

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Traditional and folk music

So this may be a bit off topic for what we will we be normally posting here but i was at kids Karate lessons the other day, and was admiring the artwork on the walls while my boy was kicking ass on the mats. Well I assume he was, like i said I was staring at the walls .

Anywho, amongst the very cool artwork from Japan there were also some awesome old musical instruments on hanging around on the walls. This dojo is apparently just as into authentic Japanese music as they are into the martial arts, which is saying a lot because Simon is pretty kick ass intensive in the martial Arts.

Thinking…..Sometimes that’s a good thing….

So it got me to thinking about these instruments and what their names are and how they sound. Now i have heard plenty or Oriental music before, usually around some ‘relaxation’ time but new learnt the proper names of the instruments.


Luckily they were labelled and had a small description, so i took a quick pic and came home to do some research and some easy listening…..after my nap here is what I found….


The first instrument I looked at was a Biwa hōshi



I thought this one was the coolest. The biwa is a form of a form of short-necked lute, was played by a group of itinerant performers (biwa hōshi) who used it to accompany stories.The most famous of these stories is The Tale of the Heike, a 12th-century history of the triumph of the Minamoto clan over the Taira Biwa hōshi began organizing themselves into a guild-like association for visually impaired men as early as the thirteenth century. This guild eventually controlled a large portion of the musical culture of Japan. biwa is Japan’s traditional instrument .  Likely some of the first visually impaired bands ever! Very cool!


There were a few more but i dont have time to write about it now.  But here is a you tube video to help you relax the rest of the day! Stay cool everyone!


Road Tripin on a White Buffalo

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White Buffalo

London, Ontario

So we jumped in the van and took a trip to a little city called London.  No not that London, the London in Ontario. Canada. Yes Canada they have an awesome music scene man.

Anyway on our way to this little down town club called the London Music we stop in a park that was having a local arts festival. We thought we could check out some local artists and local at all the vendors crap. Mrs Muse likes all that stuff.


Were we ever surprised at the vibe from this place. Not only did we see a ton of great local musicians but Mrs Muse found lots of crafts and even had a lengthy conversation with Chris from Creative Trends Painting on bedroom paint color ideas for our apartment of all things. Chris was a solid dude who loves music also so it was a natural fit.  We told him we would give him a shout out on this site for being so friendly to us.  An also he looks a lot like the White Buffalo. Oh right this is about the White Buffalo concert isn’t it!

Here he is!

buff 2 buff

any way it was amazing.  He rocked it out for over an hour and a half.  His energy is incredible. The night started off with slower subtle tunes and ended just ripping it up. He is a seasoned entertainer for sure


check out his official you tube video right here for ‘Wish it Was True’


He is a definite must see if he comes around your sleepy little town.


Will write more  later, Mrs Muse need me to help her paint!